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APFractalComputer - class djfractal.APFractalComputer.
Arbitrary Precision implementation of the FractalComputer interface.
APFractalComputer() - Constructor for class djfractal.APFractalComputer
AbstractFractalComputer - class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer.
Abstract class which computes discrepancy.
AbstractFractalComputer() - Constructor for class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
AbstractScheduler - class djfractal.AbstractScheduler.
AbstractScheduler(EngineStatsFrames) - Constructor for class djfractal.AbstractScheduler
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class djfractal.ComputersFrame
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class djfractal.Controller
add(StatsData) - Method in class djfractal.StatsData
averageColor - Variable in class djfractal.FractalResult


BoundedSmartScheduler - class djfractal.BoundedSmartScheduler.
Describe class BoundedSmartScheduler here.
BoundedSmartScheduler(EngineStatsFrames) - Constructor for class djfractal.BoundedSmartScheduler
Bounds - class djfractal.Bounds.
Bounds() - Constructor for class djfractal.Bounds
bottom - Variable in class djfractal.Bounds
bounds - Variable in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer


CircularScheduler - class djfractal.CircularScheduler.
CircularScheduler(EngineStatsFrames) - Constructor for class djfractal.CircularScheduler
ComputersFrame - class djfractal.ComputersFrame.
ComputersFrame(Controller) - Constructor for class djfractal.ComputersFrame
Controller - class djfractal.Controller.
This code is inspired on the Mandelbrot applet.
Controller(Collection, Controller.Exiter) - Constructor for class djfractal.Controller
calculate(BigDecimal, BigDecimal) - Method in class djfractal.APFractalComputer
calculate(BigDecimal, BigDecimal) - Method in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
calculate(BigDecimal, BigDecimal) - Method in class djfractal.FastFractalComputer
calculateAll(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
calculateAll(FractalData) - Method in interface djfractal.FractalComputer
calculateCallsNb - Variable in class djfractal.StatsData
changeMode() - Method in class djfractal.EngineStatsFrames
changeScale(int) - Method in class djfractal.Distributer
clearStatus() - Method in class djfractal.Controller
colors - Variable in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
computedTime - Variable in class djfractal.FractalResult
computedTimeAverage() - Method in class djfractal.StatsData
computedTimeMax - Variable in class djfractal.StatsData
computedTimeMin - Variable in class djfractal.StatsData
computedTimeTotal - Variable in class djfractal.StatsData
cornerType - Variable in class djfractal.FractalData
cornerValues - Variable in class djfractal.FractalData
createCallback(int) - Method in class djfractal.BoundedSmartScheduler
createCallback(int) - Method in class djfractal.SmartScheduler
createStatus() - Method in class djfractal.Controller


DEFAULT_SCHEDULER_INDEX - Static variable in class djfractal.Controller
DJFractalApplet - class djfractal.DJFractalApplet.
DJFractalApplet() - Constructor for class djfractal.DJFractalApplet
Distributer - class djfractal.Distributer.
Distributer(Controller) - Constructor for class djfractal.Distributer
debug(String) - Method in class djfractal.Controller
deltaX - Variable in class djfractal.Bounds
deltaY - Variable in class djfractal.Bounds
destroy() - Method in class djfractal.DJFractalApplet
disableGUI() - Method in class djfractal.Controller
discrepancy(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
discrepancy(FractalData) - Method in interface djfractal.FractalComputer
discrepancy - Variable in class djfractal.FractalResult
dispose() - Method in class djfractal.Controller
dispose() - Method in class djfractal.EngineStatsFrames
djfractal - package djfractal


EngineStatsFrames - class djfractal.EngineStatsFrames.
EngineStatsFrames(Controller) - Constructor for class djfractal.EngineStatsFrames
enableGUI() - Method in class djfractal.Controller
engineStatsFrames - Variable in class djfractal.AbstractScheduler
exit() - Method in class djfractal.DJFractalApplet


FastFractalComputer - class djfractal.FastFractalComputer.
Fast implementation of the FractalComputer interface using raw doubles.
FastFractalComputer() - Constructor for class djfractal.FastFractalComputer
FractalComputer - interface djfractal.FractalComputer.
Defines the operation any fractal computer must provide.
FractalData - class djfractal.FractalData.
Defines a fractal data to compute.
FractalData(int, int, int, int, int, int) - Constructor for class djfractal.FractalData
FractalResult - class djfractal.FractalResult.
Defines the result of a computation on a fractal data.
FractalResult() - Constructor for class djfractal.FractalResult
fc - Variable in class djfractal.SingleScheduler
fcs - Variable in class djfractal.AbstractScheduler
fcs - Variable in class djfractal.IndexedScheduler
fcs - Variable in class djfractal.ProgressiveScheduler
focusGained(FocusEvent) - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel
focusLost(FocusEvent) - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel


getRIFrom(int, int, int) - Method in class djfractal.Bounds
getSpecificPanel() - Method in class djfractal.EngineStatsFrames
getString(int, int) - Static method in class djfractal.Bounds
getString(int[]) - Static method in class djfractal.Bounds
getString(BigDecimal, BigDecimal) - Static method in class djfractal.Bounds
getString(BigDecimal[]) - Static method in class djfractal.Bounds
getXYFrom(BigDecimal, BigDecimal, int) - Method in class djfractal.Bounds


height - Variable in class djfractal.FractalData
hide() - Method in class djfractal.Controller
hide() - Method in class djfractal.EngineStatsFrames


IndexedScheduler - class djfractal.IndexedScheduler.
IndexedScheduler(EngineStatsFrames) - Constructor for class djfractal.IndexedScheduler
init(int, BigDecimal, int, Bounds, int[], boolean) - Method in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
init() - Method in class djfractal.DJFractalApplet
init(int, BigDecimal, int, Bounds, int[], boolean) - Method in interface djfractal.FractalComputer
initFCS(int, BigDecimal, int, Bounds, int[], boolean) - Method in class djfractal.AbstractScheduler
initFCS(int, BigDecimal, int, Bounds, int[], boolean) - Method in interface djfractal.Scheduler
Initialize any FractalComputer.
initFCS(int, BigDecimal, int, Bounds, int[], boolean) - Method in class djfractal.SingleScheduler
insert(String[], FractalComputer) - Static method in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
iterationsAverage() - Method in class djfractal.StatsData
iterationsMax - Variable in class djfractal.StatsData
iterationsMin - Variable in class djfractal.StatsData
iterationsTotal - Variable in class djfractal.StatsData


LEFT_BOTTOM - Static variable in class djfractal.FractalData
LEFT_TOP - Static variable in class djfractal.FractalData
left - Variable in class djfractal.Bounds
log(String) - Method in class djfractal.Controller


MAX - Variable in class djfractal.SmartScheduler
MAX_PROPERTY - Static variable in class djfractal.SmartScheduler
Main - class djfractal.Main.
Main() - Constructor for class djfractal.Main
main(String[]) - Static method in class djfractal.APFractalComputer
main(String[]) - Static method in class djfractal.FastFractalComputer
main(String[]) - Static method in class djfractal.Main
mouseClicked(MouseEvent) - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel
mouseDragged(MouseEvent) - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel
mouseEntered(MouseEvent) - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel
mouseExited(MouseEvent) - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel
mouseMoved(MouseEvent) - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel
mousePressed(MouseEvent) - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel
mouseReleased(MouseEvent) - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel


NONE - Static variable in class djfractal.FractalData
nextFC(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.AbstractScheduler
nextFC(FractalData) - Method in interface djfractal.Scheduler
Returns the next FractalComputer for the given FractalData.
nextFC(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.SingleScheduler
nextFCIndex(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.SmartScheduler


ProgressiveScheduler - class djfractal.ProgressiveScheduler.
ProgressiveScheduler(EngineStatsFrames) - Constructor for class djfractal.ProgressiveScheduler
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class djfractal.Distributer
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel
prepare() - Method in class djfractal.EngineStatsFrames
prepareComputation(Collection) - Method in class djfractal.AbstractScheduler
prepareComputation(Collection) - Method in class djfractal.IndexedScheduler
prepareComputation(Collection) - Method in class djfractal.ProgressiveScheduler
prepareComputation(Collection) - Method in interface djfractal.Scheduler
Prepare the computation.
prepareComputation(Collection) - Method in class djfractal.SingleScheduler
prepareComputation(Collection) - Method in class djfractal.SmartScheduler


RIGHT_BOTTOM - Static variable in class djfractal.FractalData
RIGHT_TOP - Static variable in class djfractal.FractalData
RandomScheduler - class djfractal.RandomScheduler.
RandomScheduler(EngineStatsFrames) - Constructor for class djfractal.RandomScheduler
reset(BigDecimal, BigDecimal, BigDecimal, BigDecimal, int, int, int, int) - Method in class djfractal.Distributer
resize() - Method in class djfractal.EngineStatsFrames
right - Variable in class djfractal.Bounds


SINGLE_SCHEDULER_INDEX - Static variable in class djfractal.Controller
Scheduler - interface djfractal.Scheduler.
Scheduler interface.
SingleScheduler - class djfractal.SingleScheduler.
SingleScheduler(EngineStatsFrames) - Constructor for class djfractal.SingleScheduler
SmartScheduler - class djfractal.SmartScheduler.
Describe class SmartScheduler here.
SmartScheduler(EngineStatsFrames) - Constructor for class djfractal.SmartScheduler
StaticPanel - class djfractal.StaticPanel.
StatsData - class djfractal.StatsData.
StatsData() - Constructor for class djfractal.StatsData
scale - Variable in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
show() - Method in class djfractal.Controller
size - Variable in class djfractal.FractalData
size - Variable in class djfractal.IndexedScheduler
size - Variable in class djfractal.ProgressiveScheduler
start() - Method in class djfractal.DJFractalApplet
start() - Method in class djfractal.Distributer
startX - Variable in class djfractal.FractalData
startY - Variable in class djfractal.FractalData
stateChanged(ChangeEvent) - Method in class djfractal.Controller
statsData - Variable in class djfractal.FractalResult
stop() - Method in class djfractal.DJFractalApplet
stop() - Method in class djfractal.Distributer
subRegion(int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int, FractalResult) - Method in class djfractal.APFractalComputer
subRegion(int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int, FractalResult) - Method in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
Compute a subRegion of a fractal data.
subRegion(int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int, FractalResult) - Method in class djfractal.FastFractalComputer
submittedDate - Variable in class djfractal.FractalData


toString() - Method in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
toString() - Method in class djfractal.AbstractScheduler
toString() - Method in class djfractal.BoundedSmartScheduler
toString() - Method in class djfractal.Bounds
toString() - Method in class djfractal.CircularScheduler
toString() - Method in class djfractal.FractalData
toString() - Method in class djfractal.FractalResult
toString() - Method in class djfractal.IndexedScheduler
toString() - Method in class djfractal.ProgressiveScheduler
toString() - Method in class djfractal.RandomScheduler
toString() - Method in class djfractal.SingleScheduler
toString() - Method in class djfractal.SmartScheduler
toString() - Method in class djfractal.StatsData
top - Variable in class djfractal.Bounds


USAGE - Static variable in class djfractal.Main
updateDeltas() - Method in class djfractal.StaticPanel
updateFCS() - Method in class djfractal.ComputersFrame
updateStats(FractalData, FractalComputer) - Method in class djfractal.EngineStatsFrames


values - Variable in class djfractal.FractalResult
verbose - Variable in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer


warning(String) - Method in class djfractal.Controller
width - Variable in class djfractal.FractalData


_init(int, BigDecimal) - Method in class djfractal.APFractalComputer
_init(int, BigDecimal) - Method in class djfractal.AbstractFractalComputer
_init(int, BigDecimal) - Method in class djfractal.FastFractalComputer
_nextFC(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.AbstractScheduler
_nextFC(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.BoundedSmartScheduler
_nextFC(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.CircularScheduler
_nextFC(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.ProgressiveScheduler
_nextFC(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.RandomScheduler
_nextFC(FractalData) - Method in class djfractal.SmartScheduler

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